Equine Emotions: How horses feel?

Introduction In the vast and intricate world of horsemanship, understanding our equine companions goes beyond mastering riding techniques or training methods. At the heart of every interaction, every partnership, lies a deeper understanding of equine emotions. Have you ever paused to wonder, “How do horses feel?” What emotions do they experience, and how do these […]

What do you need to know about the Calming Signals of Horses

Introduction to Horse Body Language Welcome to this blog article about horse body language! Understanding their cues and signals is crucial for anyone who wants to build a relationship with their horses. One important aspect of horse behavior that every equestrian should be familiar with is calming signals. These subtle gestures tells us about a […]

Spooky horse? It’s not a problem anymore!

Welcome to this new blog post about how to handle a spooky horse! If you’ve ever been out riding and suddenly found yourself sitting on top of a scared, wild-eyed equine, then this article is for you. Understanding why horses spook at things and learning how to effectively handle these situations is key to maintaining […]

What are the Cooperative Care for Horses?

Today, we immerse ourselves in the fascinating world of cooperative horse care. If you are a horse owner, then this article is just right for you. Cooperative Care is an approach to create a positive and mutually beneficial relationship with your equine companion through methods based on trust and understanding. What is Cooperative Care? Cooperative […]

What do you need to start Clicker Training with your Horse?

When you want to start using clicker training with your horse you don’t know exactly what you need to start with the right foot and so, I want to help you by listing below some links where you can find everything you need to get started Clicker Training with your horse without spending a lot […]

Why my horse doesn’t want to be caught?

Why your horse doesn’t want to be caught? Imagine, you have all the best intentions. . . You leave your horse free in a large pasture, free to run and spend some time perhaps in the company of his herd mates, but then, when you may have to go home and have to put him […]

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