I will personally help you to achieve the relationship you want with your horse so that you can finally work together without defenses, anger, frustration and without coercive methods. You and your horse will finally become allies and no longer enemies.

I will help you create a deep connection with your horse without the need for coercive methods

Does your horse run away every time you want to take it out of the pasture?

When you put the saddle on, does he want to bite and kick you?

He doesn’t let you handling his hooves?

Would you like to have a deep relationship with your horse but have a feeling that you can’t trust him?

Under saddle your horse very often misbehave?

Do you need help with his daily lifestyle management?

Have you asked many people for help but they often give you coercive solutions that don’t seem to be right for you?

All these questions are understandable and I have found myself dealing with all of them very often. Each relationship between horse and owner is different from the other and therefore, the situation must be approached in a personalized way in order to be resolved. The same behaviour in one horse-owner relationship will almost never have the same cause, and therefore, the same solution as another one.

Each one, is one of a kind.

For this reason, my consultations are personalized and individual to adapt to the needs of the horse and the owner.

Create the relationship you've always desired with your horse!

Consultation & Training

Are you having trouble finding the root cause of your horse’s behaviour?

Maybe your horse exhibits undesirable behaviour that you need a second opinion on?

Do you have a training plan that you need feedback on?

In the home consultation I will personally visit you and your horse at home for a private, one on one consultation. Once we’ve discussed all the informations about your horse’s history, handling, issues, and training; you’ll receive a comprehensive report and a personalized program for you and your situation to help you resolve it or achieve your goals.

Each action plan is personalized and unique to you and your horse’s needs.

Some problems or goals can be achieved after the first consultation, other times a follow-up visit is necessary to keep track of the situation and progress. 

After the consultation, you will receive a personalized report of your training and management plan with some recommendations to help you move in the right direction.

Online Consultation

Would you like to book a One on One Consultation with me but you are too far away?

No problem!

I can help you deal with management and behavioral issues even if you’re too far away with an Online Consultation.

This will be done via Zoom or Skype.

It works like the One on One Counseling service but only remotely.

The consultation will last an hour and a half and will include a comprehensive and personalized assessment for you and your horse.

After the consultation, you will receive a personalized report of your training and management plan with some recommendations to help you move in the right direction.

Video Review

Not sure if you’re doing the exercises correctly?

Want feedback on the exercises you’re doing?

Has your horse started to behave differently than the previous time?

You can send me a video to assess your work and the progress you are making with your horse. It is very useful if you are working on certain exercises, to solve some behavioral or training problems, or to plan the next step for your route and the follow-up of your situation with your horse.

You can write in your email if you have something to say about it, something you’d like to add, or questions. I will return your video with my explanations inserted.


Fast Consultation via Email

You can schedule a Fast Consultation via email if you would like some quick advices about you and your horse.

This is the best way to get advice quickly and easily.

This service is best if:

  • Do you have questions about the horse’s behavior or training.
  • You have questions about horse management and need some ideas to manage your horse in the best possible way.
  • Do you have any questions about your horse’s health, diet, lifestyle, etc…
  • If at some point in your training you have difficulties and need support.

Contact me for more Informations

I will be happy to help both you and your horse!

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