What do you need to start Clicker Training with your Horse?

When you want to start using clicker training with your horse you don’t know exactly what you need to start with the right foot and so, I want to help you by listing below some links where you can find everything you need to get started Clicker Training with your horse without spending a lot of money.

Let’s see step by step everything you’ll need to start clicker training with your horse:

1. A Clicker

There are a lots of clickers on the market. There are different types and colors. You can find them both on the internet and in pet shops.

I generally recommend these because they have the protruding button and easier to press when needed and are very comfortable to hold in your hand.

Of course, the choice of the best clicker is up to you, still find something that is convenient and easy to use.

2. A treat pouch where to put your rewards

There are a lot of pouches with different shapes and sizes.

I recommend this or this one depending on your budget and especially on how it’s more convenient for you to extract the prizes from your pouch. The first one I mentioned is convenient if you use pelleted hay or cookies for horses, but if you use other rewards maybe a little ‘more humid’ is not the best choice because it’s not very easy to clean the pouch. Even if you ride or run it is not the best, because you are likely to find yourself with horse food all around you because the hole of the pouch is very wide.

The second bag instead that I mentioned is made of silicone and very easy to wash, it dries immediately, you extract the prize very quickly and even if you run or ride there isn’t the risk that the food rewards come out of the opening because it’s smaller.

There are different sizes depending on the needs. I personally have the biggest one, a good purchase even if it costs a little ‘more’.

Maybe if you just have to start and experience the clicker training I recommend the first one being more economical, if then you see that you will take this road more seriously, maybe buy the second one which is more professional.

3. Food Rewards for your horse

Do not think that if you use the clicker with your horse it will automatically get fat until it becomes obese. It all depends on the reward you use.

I mainly recommend pelleted or chopped hay so that it is a non-exciting reward for the horse to avoid any frustration in the training. If you have an older horse or you’re afraid of choking with the hay pellets, you can feel free to wet them.

I reserve the most good cookies only occasionally to reward maybe more complex behaviors.

If you don’t have pelleted hay, celery and carrots are fine because they’re rich in water and low in calories, just make sure it’s not too euphoric for your horse.

4. Your commitment to learning

I can list everything you need to start the clicker training, but, one thing that should not be taken for granted is the effort and the desire to learn!

Clicker training in the horse world is a “method” of training that is still very fresh and new. So I suggest you, maybe take some lessons from a professional in the field or at least have someone follow you. There are many clicker training teachers in the world that can help you.

So if you need help, support, lessons or advice please do not hesitate to contact me here.



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