Who is Claudia Monaci?

Claudia is a Certified Equine Behavioural Consultant in association with the International Association Animal Behavioural Consultant (IAABC).

She has spent many years working with horses, partecipate at clinics and courses about equine psychology, equine behaviour, training and well-being helping numerous owners and their horses, each one unique in its own way, to achieve a balance relationship and solve different behavioral problems.

She has developed her path through seminars, lectures and various courses by different trainers and Equine Behavior Consultants such as Karen Pryor, Rachael Draaaisma, Georgia Bruce, Dr. Nadine Lindblom (Equine Connection Academy), IAABC, Adele Shaw (The Willing Equine) and Warwick Schiller to name a few, and is constantly evolving, keeping her education up-to-date to bring cutting-edge insights to her clients.

She was followed by her mentor Adele Shaw where she did a period as an internist in Texas where she further deepened this complex training path on horse psychology and ethology that allowed her to get to where she is today.

She promotes an horsemanship in respect of the horse, its psychophysical and emotional well-being, following the LIMA and Human-Hierarchy guidelines, both for equine training, lessons or solving problematic behaviours.

I have always believed that it is possible to create a relationship between humans and horses based on collaboration and empathy and not through submission as is often taught.

My goal is to teach owners that, through the right ethological knowledge and the correct application of it, it is possible to obtain a deep connection with their horses based on mutual trust and open communication, without coercion, but bringing out the best inner side of our horse and ourselves.

Working with them should be a pleasant and joyful experience for both of you. This is the only way to create magic. The creation of the perfect combination is an adventurous, fun and undiscovered journey that never ends.

Come with me, and I will guide you step by step, how you can become the right person for your horse!


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The Beginner's Guide of Ethical Horse Training

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